Practice Sessions

Your Practice Session is the perfect opportunity to communicate with your Bridal Image Consultant your desires for your wedding day. You’ll have the same Consultant on the Practice Session day and for your wedding day.

Your Practice Session takes place about 1 month to 2 weeks before your wedding day. We encourage you to arrive at your Session in the make-up that you normally wear on a daily basis. This gives us an idea of what your normal comfort levels with makeup are. Also, please come with clean, dry hair.

We ask you to come to your Session with some ideas. This may include some photos from magazines or websites, but if you have no ideas – no worries. That’s ok too.

Our job is to serve you with our creativity

We’ll spend time coming up with the perfect look for you. You’ll notice how patient we are. Whether you normally wear a lot of makeup or none at all, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable. We take very detailed notes and digital photos to duplicate your desired look on the wedding day.

If you are too busy for a Practice Lesson Session or are from out-of-town and simply can’t make it work out, don’t fret. We deal with these situations on a regular basis. We’ll do some extra communication on the front end, build in just a little surplus time on your wedding day, and everything will be just fine.

It’s our job to help you create your Hair and Make-up schedule for your Big Day. Let us take the stress off of you! You’ll be so glad that you did.