General Services


We are a team of highly trained and experienced Bridal Image Consultants who come to you on the wedding day. Each of our ladies is trained in wedding hair and makeup. There are a few very important facts: We are amazing listeners. Show us pictures, a Pinterest Page, and let us know everything your bridal heart desires. We will make it happen. And not only will you love your look, but it will stay all day and night.



We use waterproof, high-quality makeup that will not need to be touched-up. We also apply beautiful lashes. We help you select the perfect style for your hair, use high quality tools and products to insure you don’t have to touch your hair all day/night! We also can put in extensions. This is all we do – weddings! We specialize in quality work that has staying-power!


Want to learn how to apply Spectacular Makeup? Perhaps it’s for everyday, for a teenage girl just learning, for a special occasion coming up or maybe because no one every taught you?? You’ve come to the right place. We offer highly effective ONE-ON-ONE Makeup Lessons! Email us and we’ll send you all of the details today!


After 20+ years in business – we have mastered the art of the Practice Session. You will love it! We’ll spend 2 hours with you making sure both your hair and makeup are everything you’ve dreamed they’d be. We ask that you arrive with clean, dry hair as well as the everyday makeup you wean on an average day. We sit down together with you and figure out what your hair and makeup vision is! You can bring pictures or show us your Pinterest Page. We discuss goals and desires – then we make it happen. This takes place about 1 month before your wedding day – so bring your veil if you have it. We’ll also complete your look with lashes if you want them! Your Practice Session will take place during the week. We stay too busy on the weekends at weddings to do them then.

A close-up of makeup brushes in a case.