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The Importance of a Practice Session

As we embark on our 20th year in the Wedding Industry, I am confident saying that we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. At Formal Faces we pride ourselves on the fact that we are excellent listeners. Over the years we have been determined to “grow with the times†and evolve based on our Bride’s needs.

The Hair & Makeup Practice Session is a perfect example of this. As the owner of Formal Faces, I am proud of the fact that not only are our Practice Sessions very helpful to our brides, but we’ve learned how to make them one of the most enjoyable pieces of the Planning Puzzle!

Sometimes brides ask us if we do Trial Runs. The answer is, yes! We do them as long as there is ample time before her wedding to “try us outâ€. We thankfully book up very quickly and sometimes very far in advance and can’t always accommodate a Trial Run. Our claim to fame is the Bridal Practice Session. Once the bride books with us – we are on our way!

Here’s how it works and why it is ESSENTIAL: The Bridal Image Consultant contacts her bride a few months before the wedding to get the Practice Session on the calendar. The bride comes to the BIC’s in-home Salon for a 2 hour Session. We ask that our brides bring in photos, Pinterest Page, and any inspiration to help articulate her hair and makeup vision. She arrives with clean, dry hair and wearing makeup she normally sports. The gives us a unique insight to particular style desires. We literally Practice the exact hair and makeup she will wear on the Wedding Day.

The BIC will discuss every desire and wish the bride has and then the makeup and hair begins, along with the fun!

Our number #1 job is to make her dreams a reality. We can accomplishment this by asking all the right questions and then simply listening. If our brides want our input we are happy to provide it. All of our artists endeavor to train and exercise their skills in many difference styles. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but style is ever-changing and much more personal. Our job is to figure out what Wedding Style our brides envision and then we make her vision a reality – Beauty is always the result!

Once we complete the hair and makeup – we take all of the necessary time to let our bride absorb her look. Is it perfect? Wonderful! If she has some constructive criticism – No problem! Any changes are easy and welcome. We take notes and photos. Our job is to help the bride feel 100% confident in her look and 100% comfortable with her choice of beauty vendor.

It is very common that our brides arrive to the Practice Session with some nerves and she leaves saying, “I’m so happy and ready to get married!†“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.†We enjoy helping our brides to feel breath taking. When she does, her inner beauty naturally follows suit. We are so blessed to love our jobs! Perhaps we’ll be able to work with you soon!